Friday, January 23, 2009

Difference between types of submission

Website submission services are narrowed down to 3 types:

  • Manual Submissions
  • Semi-Automatic Submissions
  • Automatic Submissions

The manual submission service is the most labor intensive. For a submission service to be considered manual it is required that the person who submits that project doesn't use any tool that might help him in submitting. He needs to manually go to a web directory link. After the page loads he needs to manually find the right category and press submit new link to submit his current project.

At this point manual submissions are being separated from semi-automatic submissions that until here were pretty much the same. A manual submitter must not use any kind of auto-complete software. A manual submitter has to enter all the details of a submission: title, description, url, keywords by hand, one character at a time. If any kind of auto-complete is used (script or software) then that submission is known as a semi-automatic submission.

Now that a clear difference between manual and semi-automatic submissions was established you are probably wondering is an automatic submission is exactly what its name implies. The answer is more or less.

An automatic directory submission has to automate the whole process. But due to the nature of web directories such a thing could prove impossible or at least it was until not so long ago. Most web directories are powered by special mechanism to stop automatic submissions. The most powerful method for a web directory to defend against an automatic submission is the captcha.

Captchas are images that only a human can read and verify afterwords. Nowadays a captcha can be broken. This is how automatic submitter has been born. Most automatic submittors have a huge disadvantage in not being able to properly choose the right category.

The best automatic submission service provider is - Automatic Directory Submission . It has a special algorithm for choosing the right category for any submission and it can break captchas. With such a submission service web directory owners can't really tell the difference between automatic and semi-automatic or even manual submission. To them it's still the same, but to you automatic means less time and less money spent on submissions.

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